How EQUIP works...

Step 1Preparation

Read the advice notes and choose the service, policy or strategy you want to assess.

Step 2 Begin scoring your service, policy or strategy

Rate your service, policy or strategy against key social and economic factors.

Step 3 Your initial findings

Quickly analyse the picture so far.

Step 4 Refine your assessment

Rate your service and strategy by considering its impact on specific groups of people.

Step 5 Your final report

Understand which groups of people are most affected and how.

Equip has been developed for the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation by ECOTEC Research and Consulting and Torchbox.

Its purpose is to help housing providers quickly and easily assess the impact of their existing or potential new policies on service users. This can be done both by considering service users as a homogenous group and as part of distinct groupings (such as 'households with disabled members').

What differentiates Equip is that the impact assessment is extended to households who are in, or are at risk of, poverty. It was in that context that the toolkit was developed.

The impetus for the work came from realisation that, although in recent years housing associations were undertaking more financial inclusion, financial capability, anti-poverty and employment and training related initiatives, little consideration had been given to assessing the impact of their general housing policies. On the face of it, they may not have a direct negative financial impact. However, they nonetheless may influence behaviour and lifestyle - particularly affecting income or expenditure patterns.

The Equip team are:

Danny Friedman, Director, Ecorys
Sally Houghton, Service Improvement Manager, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust
Alison Jarvis, Programme Manager (Place), Joseph Rowntree Foundation


This site was developed as an output from a project for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation by Ecorys and the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust.

We would like to acknowledge the Bristol Social Exclusion Matrix (B-SEM) which informed the framework and Torchbox for the design and development of the site.

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